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    Germain was established in 1973. We have come a long way since manufacturing flashlights on two assembly lines in Hong Kong to a diversify product portfolio of over 500 items covering multiple industries. Our current factory has 75,000sq/meter of production space, vertically integrated manufacturing facilities and house over 1000 workers.

    Thank you for taking the time to review our website and getting to know our company. I think you will come to understand that Germain is not just a professional lighting company but we are also much more. Before doing any business I think it is important that trust is established.  Whether you are a potential customer or a supplier, our staff will work with you and your company to build a strong partnerships.

    Exponential change, the world moving faster, and global events are challenging businesses to be nimble. Therefore it is more important than ever before to be working with a company that is committed and you can rely on, so you can focus on seizing the opportunities that grow your business or mitigate risk, I hope Germain can be that partner for you.